Revlon Nail Finish has a silicone equation that gives a layer

Revlon is a world well known make up brand from U.S.A. They have reclassified the idea of excellence and healthy skin with their energizing scope of worldwide beautifying agents, toiletries and scents. Alongside this, they have additionally attempted to give them in packs, in this manner making them reasonable and accessible for various events.

Top 5 Revlon Cosmetics Packs

1. Revlon – Complete Make-Up Pack:

Revlon – Complete Make-Up Pack Revlon – Complete Make-Up Unit Pinit


Very Glistening Lipstick x 1: This Revlon make up pack contains Too Brilliant Lipstick that is made with LiquiSilk innovation, which gives unadulterated silk shading and contains creams and nutrients. This can make your lips look fantastic and smooth, since the shade of the lipstick is rich. This gives incredible inclusion and endures long.

Nail Veneer x 1: · Revlon Nail Lacquer has a silicone recipe that gives a layer of silk protein to your nail surface. It smoothes away air pockets, streaks and gives a salon wrap up. It is chip-safe and has a rich shading.

Eyeliner Pencil x 2: This makes it simple to mix and characterize your eyes. It is fine and results in smooth application, helping you to make a matte look. This can be utilized as kajal moreover.

Very Glossy Lip Sparkle x 1: This Lip Gleam has LiquiSilk recipe, loaded up with lotions and Nutrients for a smooth vibe and sparkle on the lips. This is a non-sticky sparkle and is additionally – smirch free and dying free.

Contact and Gleam Establishment x 1: This is extremely light and water-based that gives a brilliant completion.

Contact and Sparkle Become flushed x1: Contact and Shine Redden is extremely light and plush. This is non-streaking and spreads effectively on the cheeks.

Rating: 4/5

2. Revlon Ultima II 3 Piece Unit – Powder and Mascara and Lipstick – Shimmering Bordeaux:

Revlon Ultima II 3 Piece Unit – Powder and Mascara and Lipstick – Shimmering Bordeaux Revlon Ultima II 3 Piece Pack – Powder and Mascara and Lipstick – Shining Bordeaux Pinit

This arrives in a minimal travel pack that contains Revlon items and a mirror.


Lip shading: It is the Shining Bordeaux conceal that is loaded up with herbal concentrates and enemies of oxidants, Nutrients A, C and E. This lifts lip dampness and makes them gentler and smoother.

Squeezed Powder: This comes in the medium shade and a movement size bundling. This smoothes and levels out the skin tone, giving a faultless completion and brilliance.

Mascara: It is operating at a profit conceal that makes the lashes look longer, thicker and silkier. This stays for extended periods of time.

Rating: 3.5/5

3. Part OF 3 REVLON-Glitz EYE Unit EYE Precious stones AND Cement:

Part OF 3 REVLON-Glitz EYE Unit EYE Precious stones AND Cement Parcel OF 3 REVLON-Glitz EYE Pack EYE Gems AND Cement Pinit

This Revlon Glitz Eye Pack will assist you with creating oomph, and a captivating and awesome look. This will add some additional radiance to your eye and temples region.


45 rhinestone precious stones in arranged hues

One stockpiling case

Incorporates cement to apply the rhinestone

Rating: 2.5/5

4. REVLON – Eye Shading Delicate on the Eyes Sheer Free Shadow Pack:

REVLON – Eye Shading Delicate on the Eyes Sheer Free Shadow Pack REVLON – Eye Shading Delicate on the Eyes Sheer Free Shadow Unit Pinit

Purchase REVLON Eye Shadow Pack For ₹ 857.04 @

This contains all Sweet and Neutrals conceals. This has a ‘watercolor’ – propelled palette of shadows that is delicate in surface and mixes well on the skin. It gives a sheer however great impact and wanted shading. The shades and shading are truly calm that can be blended well with a brush to give inconspicuous and shimmery completion.

Rating: 3/5

5. Revlon Starter Brush Unit, Premium:

Revlon Starter Brush Unit, Premium Revlon Starter Brush Pack, Premium Pinit

Purchase Revlon Starter Premium Brush Unit For ₹ 2,046.65 @

This is simply ideal for cosmetics fledglings. This Revlon cosmetics unit box contains 3 generally useful brushes that have full heads with reduced handles. These brushes are produced using ultra delicate, normal hair, which help you to make a total look.

These have premium strands and common birch, wooden handles, and is travel-accommodating. They can be utilized for expert use. It is high in quality, helpful and accessible in agreeable sizes

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